Empowering Innovation Beyond Earth: ASTI's Feather-Weight Solar Modules Lead the Space, Defense, and Specialty Markets!

Remarkable Growth: ASTI Share Volume Jumps from 229K to 77M in Just Over 3 Months

Ascent thin-film is the solar power solution for scenarios where traditional rigid panels won't work.

Ascent Solar delivers lightweight, flexible and reliable solar power modules to the world’s leading engineering organizations.

ASTI is the leading provider of feather-weight, flexible, monolithically-integrated thin-film solar modules for the Space/Near-space, UAV/Defense, Agrivoltaic and Specialty markets.

The revolutionary attributes and superior performance of ASTI’s photovoltaic (PV) modules are made possible through a proprietary CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium- Selenium) on polyimide substrate process and continuous process and technology improvements.

Momentus and Ascent Solar Technologies Partner to Bring Leading-Edge Solar Arrays to Market

“Ascent’s flexible, lightweight photovoltaic modules are ideal for the space environment,”

“Our CIGS products are resilient to radiation and other drivers of degradation while operating in orbits between the Earth and the Moon. For those designing space missions, this equates to more end-of-life power with an order of magnitude less mass. We’re excited to be the baseline power generation solution for TASSA, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with the Momentus team to provide long-lived and sustainable solutions for proliferated space architectures.”

By Paul Warley, CEO of Ascent Solar Technologies.

Greeting Investors!

At Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI), we're pioneering the future of solar energy with groundbreaking innovations tailored for diverse applications. Our lightweight, flexible, and monolithically-integrated thin-film solar modules have captured the attention of leading engineering organizations worldwide. From space missions to defense initiatives, our technology is reshaping industries, offering superior performance and reliability.

As the foremost provider of feather-weight solar solutions, we're positioned at the forefront of high-growth markets, including Space/Near-space, UAV/Defense, Agrivoltaic, and Specialty sectors. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with ongoing advancements in efficiency and reliability, underscores our potential for substantial growth and market leadership.

With a proven track record of delivering superior value to our customers and partners, we invite investors to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we'll drive innovation, unlock new opportunities, and shape the future of sustainable energy solutions.

Join us at Ascent Solar Technologies and be part of a transformative venture that promises not only financial returns but also a lasting impact on the world's energy landscape.

Ascent Solar Technologies to Fly Space Solar Modules on NASA’s Upcoming LISA-T Mission

“Ascent’s flexible, lightweight photovoltaic modules are ideal for the space environment,”

“Our CIGS products are resilient to radiation and other drivers of degradation while operating in orbits between the Earth and the Moon. For those designing space missions, this equates to more end-of-life power with an order of magnitude less mass. We’re excited to be the baseline power generation solution for TASSA, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with the Momentus team to provide long-lived and sustainable solutions for proliferated space architectures.”

By Paul Warley, CEO of Ascent Solar Technologies.

Top Reasons to Have ASTI on Your Radar

Company Overview

Powering the Future: Ascent Solar's Path to Innovation and Growth

With 40 years of R&D and a comprehensive patent portfolio behind it, Ascent Solar is the leading provider of CIGS solar technology. Ascent’s unique patented monolithic integration process enables the highest level of flexibility, efficiency, durability & weight savings, revolutionizing the way solar power can be used in everyday life. Ascent Solar’s Research and Development and its 4.5 MW nameplate production facility is in Thornton, Colorado.

Ascent has cemented itself as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, high performance, flexible thin-film solar panels for both existing and emerging agrivoltaic, space, and aerospace applications.

ASTI’s Thin Film Outshines the Competition

ASTI PV vs Other Technologies

Sector: Aerospace/Space

  • Satellite Power
  • Solar Sail Development
  • High Voltage Solar
  • High Altitude Airships
  • Power Beaming

Space PV Market (Demand and Attributes)

  • Current space solar market demand is 7 to 10 of MW per year.
  • The space solar market is expected to reach 60 to 100+ of MW per year of demand before 2030
  • Robust supply chain w/ minimal throughputs
  • Ultra-lightweight, superior module specific energy (2.1kW/kg)
  • Demonstrated to be optimal for enduring the harshness of the space environment’s radiation, vacuum temperature extremes, and other hazards.

Competitor's Lack Capacity/Capability to Meet Market Need

  • Sales prospects have indicated that competing space PV providers currently have lead times exceeding 12 months and prices exceeding $100 per watt with highest performance triple junction cells fetching more than $150 per watt.
  • The space industry’s leading PV providers have an estimated 3 to 4 MW per year in total of annual production capacity
  • Inadequate supply chains for key materials such as gallium arsenide and space rated cover glass are weaknesses/threats that ASTI's solution negates.

The Space Industry presents a premium market opportunity with unmet customer demand where ASTI products are highly differentiated at +17% efficiency, but +17% has to be met on production scale manufacturing

TitanTM Optimized for Space

First CIGS Solar Module Engineered for Peak performance in Space

  • Optimized Cell area to comply with neutral magnetic moment requirements
  • Specific power of 2000+W/kg bare
  • Larger module size results in fewer connection points required; reduces system risk
  • Titan based arrays capable of high voltage – +300 volts – for propulsion systems

Future Growth Opportunities Space

There are a few large constellations consisting of thousands of satellites that are currently being fielded. ASTI has been researching the prospective opportunities, mapping out corporate enterprise and opportunities, and charting out sales approaches.

Company A - Megaconstellations

  • Number of units: +2,500 Satellites in initial constellations
  • Power Needs: ~5kW/Satellite (~16MW for the constellation)
  • Current material: Undisclosed, but known to be 12 to 14% efficient at end of life, but voltage output lags ASTI’s Titan product by 15 to 20%
  • ASTI has small NRE project with Company A

Company B - Megaconstellations and Constellations

  • Large satellite production facility, pursuing additional megaconstellations
  • 85% vertically integrated, but not power generation, potential for ASTI “Fabless” production being added to their requirements
  • Number of units: +8,000 satellite per year production capacity, estimated 3MW in total

Company C – Super Satellites (1 to 3 MW)

  • Number of units: 648
  • Power Needs: undisclosed

Unlocking Success Stories: Ascent Solar's Customer Showcase

Most of the world still relies on heavy and rigid silicon-based modules, encapsulated in glass with a standard 60-cell x 72-cell module design. Our flexible and lightweight thin-film solutions are built from the very beginning with the widest application of possibilities in mind.

  • Drones & UAV

    Silent Falcon UAV using Ascent thin films achieves a 50% range extension

  • Space & Defense

    NASA tests validate Ascent's superior performance for space environments

Space Flight Heritage

Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE-10)

Exploring material options NASA Lightweight Integrated Solar Array & anTenna (LISA-T)

Ascent's thin-film modules were selected for advanced testing and experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

After over a year aboard the ISS, Ascent's PV technology over-performed NASA's predictions and the competition. With the success of the MISSE-10 experiment and Ascent's TRL 7 readiness, NASA's LISA-T is scheduled for launch in 2023 and will include Ascent's thin film solar modules for demonstration.

Ascent Solar Technologies Adds Former SpaceX Founder Philippe Kassouf as Strategic Advisor

“Philippe has a very prominent background in space and aerospace technology, and as a founding member of SpaceX, possesses deep industry relationships and experience in scaling commercial space technologies,” “Philippe’s appointment to our Strategic Advisory Board reflects Ascent’s emphasis on attracting some of the leading voices in sustainable space technology, and further positions the Company for adoption through strategic partnerships, and ultimately revenue generation in 2024. Philippe and General Casey’s work complement one another and will result in complete defense and commercial coverage for our customers and partners.”

By Paul Warley, CEO of Ascent Solar Technologies.

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. Achieves Spaceflight Heritage for its Space Solar PV Array Products on Momentus’ Vigoride-6 Mission

“This demonstration validates Ascent as a leader in space sustainability, and is reflective of the tremendous market opportunity we continue to pursue,” “We’ve also now proven that our power generation solutions available today are aligned with the European Space Agency’s Zero Debris Charter. Ascent’s Space HDK line of products are engineered to be resilient enough that if impacted and penetrated by space debris, the array can continue to generate power while not creating additional debris. Ultimately, this drastically lowers mission risks for spacecraft specifying flexible thin-film power generation capabilities like Ascent’s, which are poised to be one of the technologies that will enable the preservation of the global commons of Earth’s orbits as they grow increasingly more crowded and trafficked.”

By Paul Warley, CEO of Ascent Solar Technologies.


“We’ve very optimistic about our recent technological breakthroughs and the increased research and commercialization opportunities that would come with the selection of our funding applications to these organizations,” “Further funding through programs such as the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy FOAs and SBIR grants would allow greater opportunities for the Ascent team to advance our cutting edge technologies and drive revenue. Thin-film is uniquely capable of achieving federal agency goals of innovative solar technology adoption to drive electrification and decarbonization of the energy sector.”

By Paul Warley, CEO of Ascent Solar Technologies.

In Summary…

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI) stands at the forefront of innovation, poised for substantial growth in the burgeoning solar technology market. With a strategic focus on lightweight, flexible, and durable CIGS thin-film photovoltaic solutions, Ascent has positioned itself as a leader in providing cutting-edge solar power solutions for a diverse range of industries.

The company's recent achievements, including the establishment of a Strategic Advisory Board, achievement of spaceflight heritage, and development of high-efficiency solar modules, underscore its commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology. Ascent's success is further exemplified by its strategic partnerships and pursuit of federal funding opportunities, which are expected to fuel future growth and expansion.

Investors can look forward to significant revenue projections, with estimates ranging from $9 million to $13.2 million for 2024 and anticipated revenue of $50 million to $80 million by 2025. Ascent's targeted industry approach, profitability in high-growth markets, and projected satellite power needs underscore the immense potential for investment returns in the coming years. With a track record of innovation and a clear path to sustained growth, Ascent Solar Technologies presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking to capitalize on the renewable energy revolution.


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