Discover Visionary's Trailblazing Journey into Next-Generation Learning Frontiers!

Visionary transitions from education to innovative technology, life sciences, and AI education

Visionary Ventures: Pioneering Innovation Across Four Key Frontiers!

Visionary is embracing a fresh approach, leveraging the "merger and integration innovation" business model to join hands with global elites and develop at an innovative and remarkable pace. We are making more contributions towards achieving the aspirations of humanity for "happiness, beauty, and longevity."


Visionary Group Is Canada’s First Independent Brand Of New Energy Vehicles In The Field Of New Energy Vehicles

Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GV), a leader in Canada's new energy vehicle industry, is pioneering sustainable transportation solutions through innovative collaborations and cutting-edge technology. Partnering with Farnova Holding Group, Visionary establishes Canada's first independent brand of new energy vehicles, filling a crucial market gap. Backed by Giorgio Stirano, a renowned Italian racing engineer, and leveraging Farnova's expertise, Visionary's diverse product line includes sports cars, electric buses, yachts, and more. With a focus on innovation, global expansion, and professional cooperation, Visionary offers investors:

Greetings Investors!

At Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GV), its thrilled to welcome you aboard as its embark on an extraordinary journey of innovation and growth. As a private education provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with subsidiaries and market partners globally, Its are poised to redefine the landscape of education and technology. Here are compelling reasons why GV deserves your keen attention:

Pioneering New Energy Vehicles: Visionary Group proudly stands as Canada's premier independent brand in the realm of new energy vehicles. Our collaboration with Farnova Holding Group underscores our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, filling a crucial gap in Canada's market and spearheading the shift towards eco-conscious mobility.

Cutting-Edge Biochip Technology: With our partnership with Canada BRAUN Bio Technology Group Inc., Visionary is at the forefront of biochip technology. Our world-class products address critical needs in medical testing, drug development, and more, positioning us as leaders in Canada's burgeoning biotech sector.

Strategic Transformation: Amid evolving education policies, Visionary executed a strategic shift from traditional education to high-tech, life sciences, and AI education. This transformation underscores our adaptability and foresight, ensuring continued relevance and growth in dynamic market landscapes.

Global Collaborations: Our strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Red Sun Group and Shenzhen Guoli Intelligent Technology Group amplify our reach and capabilities. These partnerships facilitate groundbreaking initiatives in life sciences, AI education, and STEM, driving innovation and value creation.

Comprehensive Education Ecosystem: With a robust portfolio spanning colleges, high schools, art centers, and tele-education platforms, Visionary offers a comprehensive education ecosystem. Our diverse programs cater to students' varying needs, fostering holistic development and lifelong learning.

Top Reasons to Have GV on Your Radar

  • 01
    Rapid Revenue Growth: GV experienced a substantial increase in revenue, reaching approximately $8.4 million in fiscal year 2023, up from $5.2 million in fiscal year 2022, marking a growth rate of 60.7%
  • 02
    Strategic Transition: In response to changing education policies, GV strategically transitioned from traditional education to high technology, life sciences, and AI education, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation.
  • 03
    Diversification of Revenue Streams: With a focus on high-tech and AI education, GV expanded its revenue streams beyond traditional education, tapping into lucrative markets in technology, life sciences, and artificial intelligence.
  • 04
    Canada’s First Independent Brand of New Energy Vehicles: Visionary Group, in collaboration with Farnova Holding Group, is Canada's first independent brand of new energy vehicles. This initiative addresses a critical need in the market and promotes eco-conscious transportation solutions.
  • 05
    World-Class Biochip Technology Products: Partnering with Canada BRAUN Bio Technology Group Inc., Visionary Group boasts world-class biochip technology products. These advancements in medical diagnostics and drug development establish Visionary as a frontrunner in Canada's biotech sector.
  • 06
    Key Partnerships and Collaborations: GV formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Farnova Holding Group, Canada BRAUN Bio Technology Group Inc., and Shenzhen Guoli Intelligent Technology Group, enhancing its market position and driving innovation.
  • 07
    Expansion into New Markets: Through collaborations with global partners, GV expanded its market presence beyond Canada, leveraging its expertise in education technology to tap into international markets.
  • 08
    Innovative Education Programs: GV introduced innovative education programs, including the Algoma University Learners Early Access Program (LEAP), offering students unique pathways to postsecondary education and fostering international collaboration.
  • 09
    Financial Stability: Despite increased expenses related to acquisitions and operational expansion, GV maintained financial stability, with a cash balance of $651,490 as of March 31, 2023, demonstrating prudent financial management.
  • 10
    Commitment to Continuing Education: With a focus on senior and adult education programs, GV offers a wide range of flexible learning opportunities, promoting intellectual stimulation, socialization, and skill development among learners.
  • 11
    Strong Leadership: Under the guidance of experienced leadership, including CEO Ms. Fan Zhou and COO Charlie Penn, GV has executed strategic initiatives effectively, driving growth and innovation in the education sector.
  • 12
    Innovative Sharing Education Program: GV launched a Sharing Education Program, offering public space and financial incentives to tenants and educational partners, fostering collaboration and community engagement within its academic buildings.

Life Sciences

In recent years, life science industry has developed enormously, which has become a new frontier in the global economy. The entire sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. With the innovation, Visionary proactively approaches to development, in order to enhance international competitiveness, maximize shareholder value, and make greater contributions to human progress, Visionary has partnered with a world-class life science institution and successfully entered the forefront of this industry.

Visionary Group Has World-Class Biochip Technology Products

Visionary Group, in collaboration with B. Braun Biochip Technology, spearheads the global biochip industry, addressing key sectors like medical care with innovative solutions. With cutting-edge products like medical, animal, cold chain, and agricultural chips, they dominate markets in Canada and China. Their projected $3 billion output value over five years underscores substantial economic potential. This partnership not only signifies technological advancement but also social contribution, enhancing human and animal welfare worldwide. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, biochips play a crucial role, aligning with vaccine and drug innovation. Visionary Group's expansion and cooperation highlight its high growth potential and global impact.

  • Global Market Dominance

    Visionary Group and B. Braun's biochip technology lead the market, filling gaps in Canada and China.
  • Economic Potential

    Projected $3 billion output value in five years reflects substantial market growth and economic benefits.
  • Social Contribution

    High-precision biochip products improve global health and welfare, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Technological Innovation

    Cutting-edge biochip solutions revolutionize medical care, agriculture, and animal welfare sectors.

Aging: Visionary's Partnership Redefines the Anti-Aging Industry Landscape!

Visionary has partnered with China’s top 500 enterprise, Red Sun Group, to jointly invest in establishing the Life Science Industry Group in Toronto. The Life Science Industry Group aims to become the world’s largest industrial platform for niacinamide (whitening) and anti-aging NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). Leveraging Red Sun Group’s global-leading raw material bases and technical platforms for niacinamide and NMN, Visionary intends to establish a complete industry chain business system, from raw materials to functional foods, skincare products, functional animal health products, and future medical terminal products. These products serve global cosmetics, food manufacturing, animal supplies, pharmaceutical and medical institutions, as well as end customers.

Company Overview

Unlocking the Future: Visionary Holdings Inc. Redefining Education and Technology

Visionary Holdings Inc. was founded in Toronto in 2013. Its IPO is on NASDAQ (GV) in May, 2022, becomes the first Canadian enterprise IPO in USA as an education-technology industry compound. Visionary operates under the business model of "merger, integration, and innovation," has evolved over the years into a multinational conglomerate with an industrial chain ecosystem spanning high technology, life sciences, artificial intelligence education, and academic education. Among these, the biochip sector has filled a void in Canada, while Visionary stands as the largest service provider in artificial intelligence education within the country. In the future, Visionary is committed to becoming an internationally renowned industrial conglomerate, integrating "technology, capital, platform, and brand" on a global scale.

Over the past decade, Visionary has actively participated in social welfare activities to give back to society. We have cumulatively donated over 1 million Canadian dollars in cash and goods to support education and community development initiatives. Visionary has 100+ full-time and part-time staffs, 100% bachelor's degree or above. Doctor's degree accounting for 10% , master's degree accounting for more than 50%.

One received Peace Prize of the Chinese Association of the UN and the Education Excellence Award of the UN International Collaboration Agency.

Three received Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Medals. Visionary owns over 150 self-developed patents and holds 4 educational and office buildings in the prime area of downtown Toronto, totaling nearly 15 acres. Two of these buildings are landmark structures with a combined area of approximately 600,000 square feet. GV's total assets now exceed 300 million Canadian dollars, encompassing both tangible and intangible assets.

In order to drive global economic development and fulfill its social mission, Visionary actively collaborates with world-renowned institutions to continuously enhance its core competitive value. Partnering with the International Academy of Education (IAE), an institution with centuries of history, Visionary has established the International Academy of Education Industry-Education Institute. This institute is responsible for globally integrating talent development in industry, academia, and research, promoting mutual advancement between education and industry, optimizing international education and outcome conversion incubation mechanisms, and constructing a high-end, cutting-edge, and internationalized platform for intelligent exchange and cooperation, not only for Canada but also for the world.


Empowering Futures: Visionary Holdings Inc. Leading the Charge in Educational Innovation!

Visionary Holdings Inc., as a platform, amalgamated key strategic Canada ‘s education resources. The schools established and have operated through 30 years, including high-schools, universities and career colleges and artificial intelligence education, Visionary has become the largest artificial intelligence education service provider in Canada, with its products sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Highlights

  • Revenues was approximately $8.4 million in fiscal year 2023, compared to $5.2 million in fiscal year 2022.
  • Gross profit margin was 44.6% in fiscal year 2023, compared to 49.8% in fiscal year 2022.
  • Income from operations was $430,785 in fiscal year 2023, compared to $1.0 million in fiscal year 2022.
  • Net loss was $3,572,108 in fiscal year 2023, compared to net loss of $56,474 in fiscal year 2022.

In Summary…

Pioneering Sustainability: Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GV) leads the charge in eco-conscious transportation with its status as Canada's premier independent brand in new energy vehicles, fostering a greener future and addressing critical gaps in the market.

Biotech Innovation: Leveraging partnerships with Canada BRAUN Bio Technology Group Inc., Visionary emerges as a frontrunner in biochip technology, offering cutting-edge solutions for medical diagnostics, drug development, and agricultural applications, positioning itself as a leader in Canada's biotech sector.

Strategic Transformation: Visionary's shift from traditional education to high-tech, life sciences, and AI education reflects adaptability and foresight, ensuring relevance and growth in dynamic market landscapes, appealing to investors seeking forward-thinking companies.

Comprehensive Education Ecosystem: With a diverse portfolio spanning colleges, high schools, and tele-education platforms, Visionary caters to diverse learning needs, fostering lifelong learning and holistic development, indicating stability and long-term growth potential.

Financial Highlights: Fiscal year 2023 saw Visionary's revenues surge to approximately $8.4 million, marking a significant increase from previous years, demonstrating robust growth and potential profitability, making it an enticing prospect for investors seeking high-growth opportunities.


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