Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT), a NASDAQ-listed company, is ready to make a significant impact in the booming global market for hangover cure products. As the market is expected to reach USD 9,453 million by 2032, Safety Shot is positioned to emerge as a formidable and under-the-radar contender.

Groundbreaking innovative beverage unlike any other!

Compared to competitors like The Plug and Morning Recovery, the Safety Shot beverage can detoxify in ONLY MINUTES & NOT HOURS!*

Addressing the urgent need for an effective solution, Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT) introduces Safety Shot, a groundbreaking beverage that rapidly detoxifies the body from alcohol. Poised to become the preferred choice for drinkers globally, Safety Shot is set to revolutionize alcohol recovery.

Safety Shot Partners with Capital Drugs To Launch World's First Beverage To Reduce Blood Alcohol Content in 300 Pharmacies Across the Country

The First of its Kind Vitamin-Packed, Wellness Beverage Brand Continues to Amplify its In-Store Availability Nationwide

"Entering Capital Drugs pharmacies is an integral next step in furthering Safety Shots key messaging and purpose of operating as a functional wellness beverage," "Expanding on-shelf availability and having the product available for purchase in key locations like Capital Drug pharmacies is the brand's core mission, introducing the first-of-its-kind beverage to a like-minded consumer audience."

By Josh Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at Safety Shot.

Safety Shot Partners with Prime CSB to Expand Distribution Into New York and New Jersey

The First of Its Kind Beverage Adds Two Key Markets to Distribution as Part of Its Northeast Expansion Plan

"As we consistently strive to broaden our reach and impact for Safety Shot, it's integral to lean on regional experts like Prime CSB to help find the perfect home for the brand and target key consumers," "New York and New Jersey are two high-volume regions that make up a significant part of our overarching Northeast expansion efforts. With demand on the rise and as we hit peak summer season, we're excited to introduce Safety Shot to more consumers and provide wider access to this effective product."

By Josh Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at Safety Shot.

Discover Safety Shot: The Ultimate Alcohol Detox Beverage!



Embark on a new era of effective recovery with Safety Shot, meticulously formulated by the expert team at Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT) . Say goodbye to exaggerated promises – Safety Shot is grounded in rigorous scientific research.

Unlike conventional remedies in pill or capsule form, Safety Shot delivers its potent formula in liquid form for swift absorption upon consumption. No fuss, no waiting – just open and drink for rapid action.

What sets Safety Shot apart is its foundation in robust clinical data. While others rely on herbal ingredients, Safety Shot's proprietary blend of natural elements, vitamins, and minerals is carefully crafted to not only reduce Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels but also enhance mental alertness directly and efficiently.

It's a holistic solution designed to support liver and brain function, swiftly alleviating the effects of alcohol consumption. Backed by extensive scientific research, Safety Shot accelerates recovery and promotes efficient ethanol metabolism, addressing post-drinking concerns with ease.

Furthermore, Safety Shot targets the common issue of post-drinking brain fog by restoring mental clarity in just 30 minutes. With Safety Shot, consumers can trust in a scientifically proven beverage that delivers tangible results, allowing them to enjoy their evenings worry-free.

In a market saturated with various products, Safety Shot shines as a beacon of innovation, offering consumers a revolutionary approach to hangover recovery. With its unparalleled effectiveness and potential to become the number one choice among drinkers, Safety Shot is set to make waves and leave a lasting impact on the wellness industry.



Safety Shot sells in 4-packs for $19.99 or individual cans for $4.99. Our cost of goods is $1.50 per can.


Retailers will be brought online via sales brokers and personal outreach. Existing retail relationships will help us get out products in major retailers much faster than a typical beverage startup.


Cans will be sold D2C and via retail partners. D2C orders through the Safety Shot website are fulfilled via 3PL with additional sales through online marketplaces.


Safety Shot will leverage a 360-degree Sourcing marketing strategy including digital, in person, and experimental elements.

Top REASONS TO PAY ATTENTION TO Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT) on your radar

Safety Shot, World's First Beverage to Reduce Blood Alcohol Content, Announces Launch of New 4-Ounce Bottles

Innovative Formula To Be Available in Portable Format for Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

"We are excited to offer our customers more convenient options to enjoy the benefits of Safety Shot," "Our new 4-ounce bottles are designed to fit seamlessly into any routine, ensuring that our customers can carry our revolutionary formula at ease, no matter where they are."

By Josh Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at Safety Shot.

Safety Shot Science

Our Breakthrough

Our patented formula accelerates the process of detoxifying the body of alcohol. Utilizing several well-researched ingredients our multi-faceted approach has been shown to clear alcohol at a much faster rate than normal.*

Though Safety Shot is a supplement and has not undergone formal clinical validation,bits efficacy was established via rigorous blood alcohol content testing on dozens of test subjects.*

These subjects were administered breathalyzer tests to determine blood alcohol (BAC) levels both before and after consumption of Safety Shot. Within 30 minutes of consumption of Safety Shot, subjects saw marked decreases in BAC

Safety Shot includes a tailored selection of all natural vitamins and minerals and nootropics that assist with rehydration and mental clarity.*

Alcohol is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant

Safety Shot has 4 Mechanisms of Action that target the CNS, attacking all things that alcohol impairs PLUS a 5th “Feel Good” component which no other drink or supposed remedy claims.

  • Improves Mental Clarity, CNS Activity, Cognition and Motor Function*
  • Reduces uptake of residual alcohol being absorbed in the gut by creating a protective shield which also reduces stomach discomfort*
  • It takes about an hour for the liver to metabolize each standard alcoholic drink and this process is rate-limited. The faster and more you drink, the higher your blood alcohol will rise and the more intoxicated you become. Safety Shot reduces blood alcohol content through several factors that help process alcohol more efficiently. It should be noted that every person is different. Genetics, liver health, habituation and a host of other factors can influence the rate at which alcohol is metabolized.*
  • Maintains hydration through an extensive mineral and ingredient combination to reduce the effects of being dehydrated allowing the body to maintain muscle and brain function*
  • Improves mental and physical feeling of wellbeing by using several nootropics, vitamins and minerals to reduce discomfort, improve recovery and return the body to a normal state*
  • Safety Shot has 4 Mechanisms of Action that target the CNS, attacking all things that alcohol impairs PLUS a 5th “Feel Good” component which no other drink or supposed remedy claims of functioning*

The safety shot platform

The Safety Shot platform works through multiple different Mechanisms of Action including:

  • Improving central nervous system activity*, enhancing motor cortex function, and cognition.
  • Reducing further alcohol uptake*
  • Improve the rate at which alcohol is removed from the body

It is designed to rapidly reduce blood alcohol levels and prevent residual alcohol in the body from being absorbed through the gut by creating a protective shield around the gut wall.*

Company Overview

Wellness with Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT): Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry with Rapid Blood Alcohol Detox.

Discover Wellness Innovation with Safety Shot: Pioneering a New Era in Beverage Solutions. Born from a mission to revolutionize alcohol consumption, Safety Shot leads the functional beverage industry with innovation at its core.

Comprised of scientists, clinical researchers, and industry leaders, our team is committed to crafting cutting-edge solutions. Each product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring efficacy and safety, setting new standards for excellence.

Our flagship product, Safety Shot, epitomizes our dedication to advancement. Unlike conventional remedies, Safety Shot offers a groundbreaking approach to rapid alcohol detox, delivering fast-acting results. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients is meticulously formulated to provide tangible benefits.

Motivated by a passion for wellness, we strive to promote responsible drinking and support those seeking to mitigate alcohol's effects. Safety Shot isn't just a product—it's a catalyst for change, guiding individuals toward healthier, happier lives. Join us on our journey toward a brighter, safer future.

Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT) was formerly known as Jupiter Wellness Inc., which in August of 2023, acquired the operating assets of GBB Drink Lab Inc., including the blood alcohol detox drink Safety Shot.

NASDAQ: SHOT now expects most of its revenue in the coming quarters and years to be driven by Safety Shot, which the company said can lower blood alcohol content in as little as 30 minutes.

Through its Jupiter Wellness business segment which develops over-the-counter and prescription-grade health and wellness products, Safety Shot has a well-established clinical development infrastructure and expertise.

The Company plans to spin off legacy assets from its Jupiter Wellness business to unlock value for shareholders.


Jorge Masvidal

Safety Shot has teamed up with Jorge Masvidal and Gamebred Promotions. Jorge is a pioneer and MMA Legend who recently held the BMF belt for the UFC. Safety Shot is proud to be the official drink of Gamebred Boxing and MMA.

Hector Lombard

Hector Lombard, a professional mixed martial artist, bodybuilder, UFC fighter, and former Olympic judoka, has signed on as a Safety Shot brand ambassador

Darren Heitner

Darren Heitner, Esq. Sports Attorney and Influencer Signs on as brand ambassador for Safety Shot. NASDAQ: SHOT Heitner has been referred to as one of the foremost experts on name, image, and likeness (NIL) by The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY and worked on behalf of numerous athletes and brands, including Gatorade.

Record-Breaking Pro Skateboarder Danny Way Becomes Safety Shot Brand Ambassador

"Having survived and thrived through some serious hardship early in my life and injuries during my skateboarding career, believe me, I know about recovery. I’m a full supporter of Safety Shot’s mission to provide recovery and a boost. As a brand ambassador, I’ll be enjoying a lot of Safety Shot and sharing my love for it with anyone who wants to get sharper and energized"

By Danny Way.

Safety Shot Brand Ambassador & Multiplatform Entertainer Matthew Espinosa to Share His Enthusiasm for the Wellness Beverage with 16 Million Followers

"As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to take my health more seriously and Safety Shot’s vision of helping increase cognitive ability and focus has been such a game changer for me on my daily routine,"

By Matthew Espinoza.

Facing the Challenge: Addressing Alcohol Misuse Directly

ADespite concerted efforts through awareness campaigns and interventions, alcohol misuse continues to cast a dark shadow over our society, affecting individuals, families, and communities on multiple fronts. Its repercussions, from tragic drunk driving incidents to alcohol-fueled violence and health complications, underscore the pressing need for effective solutions.

Statistics from reputable organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reveal the stark reality of the situation, emphasizing the urgency of finding viable remedies. However, the consequences of alcohol misuse extend beyond physical harm, infiltrating mental health and social well-being. Substance abuse disorders, cognitive impairment, and addiction further compound the issue, hindering individuals' quality of life.

To combat this pervasive problem, a comprehensive strategy is imperative, encompassing education, prevention, and accessible treatment resources. By elevating awareness, advocating for policy reforms, and encouraging responsible drinking practices, we can strive towards a future where the detrimental effects of alcohol misuse are mitigated, paving the way for healthier and safer communities.

According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) by the US Department of Health and Human Services ( ):

  • Among the 5.8 million adults aged 18 or older in 2021 with co-occurring SMI and an illicit drug or alcohol use disorder in the past year, 66.9% (or 3.9 million people) received either substance use treatment at a specialty facility or mental health services in the past year.
  • Among the 133.1 million current alcohol users aged 12 or older in 2021, 60.0 million people (or 45.1%) were past month binge drinkers. The percentage of people who were past month binge drinkers was highest among young adults aged 18 to 25 (29.2% or 9.8 million people), followed by adults aged 26 or older (22.4% or 49.3 million people), then by adolescents aged 12 to 17 (3.8% or 995,000 people).

The NSDUH has identified a rising trend known as "high-intensity drinking," characterized by alcohol consumption exceeding twice the gender-specific binge drinking thresholds.

Safety Shot has accomplished tremendous milestones , which include...

Making several pivotal management changes to drive growth for the Company:

"I'm exceptionally proud of our team's accomplishments and the steps we've taken so far,” “The Company is driving on our goals. Our plan to increase shareholder value, drive revenue, and increase retail partners is being executed and you will see it more and more every day.”

By CEO Jarrett Boon.

In Summary….

Safety Shot, Inc (NASDAQ: SHOT) offers investors a compelling opportunity in the thriving market of hangover remedy products, addressing the pressing issue of alcohol consumption. With the market expected to reach USD 9,453 million by 2032, Safety Shot stands out as a promising investment prospect.

Amidst the rise of "high-intensity drinking," Safety Shot's innovative solution meets the growing demand for effective alcohol detoxification. Its scientific approach, featuring a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, has undergone rigorous testing, proving its efficacy in reducing blood alcohol content and enhancing recovery.

Beyond its groundbreaking product, Safety Shot has achieved significant legal victories, ensuring a strong foothold for market expansion. Strategic private placements have fortified its financial position, enabling flexibility in navigating market challenges.

Strategic influencer endorsements have amplified Safety Shot's brand visibility, complemented by robust partnerships and expansions. Positioned as an industry leader, Safety Shot is poised for exponential growth, promising substantial rewards for investors keen on tapping into this unparalleled opportunity.


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